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Who are the Internet marketing fairies? These are the "guru" guys who try to sell you the latest system to become rich online. You know the type--they are out there promising you that you can make tens of thousand of dollars a month with little effort. Ask them if they've done it before, and they can't prove it or they have a home made video of their uncle as a testimonial.

Web Guru Girls are real experts with proven statistics. After years of resisting sharing their secrets and methodologies, they have decided to share them with you.

Casting the Internet Marketing Fairy

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Web Guru Girls go to Miami


We went to Miami last week for Winter Music Conference.  I spoke on a panel and we helped with an event for www.faderpro.com and their new course Remix It Like A Record.  This was in conjunction with SAE.  Lots of fun.  The video is from the events..

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