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Who are the Internet marketing fairies? These are the "guru" guys who try to sell you the latest system to become rich online. You know the type--they are out there promising you that you can make tens of thousand of dollars a month with little effort. Ask them if they've done it before, and they can't prove it or they have a home made video of their uncle as a testimonial.

Web Guru Girls are real experts with proven statistics. After years of resisting sharing their secrets and methodologies, they have decided to share them with you.

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In case you might have missed it, there’s a lot of pink on our website. 

A definite girl color scheme, pink and black.  Bold.  

The reason it’s there is because pink, hot pink, is Laura’s favorite color and I think it’s a nice combo as well.  

It suits us both.  

So today I was walking along Clearwater Beach on the Gulf of Mexico with my husband, something we do every other morning, talking about business.. breathing the fresh air and looking at the many joggers and couples sharing the coastline with us.

Walk Along Clearwater Beach

Clearwater’s beaches are beautiful.  They’ve been voted the #1 beach in the nation more than once and they’re the location of many world class events.  Events like the Iron Man competition and, this weekend, the Iron Woman event. 

I figured that many of those joggers were the women who were going to be competing in a few short days.  They were
getting in shape for the big race just ahead where they’d be competing with hundreds of other women in this once-a-year televised  event.  Some of them were young, but some of them were….well-seasoned but fit.  And one was a definite 70+ year old grandma.  Impressive.

And it got me thinking about what it takes just to enter such a competition, competing against world-class athletes and enduring some grueling conditions.   

I’ll bet many of those women were there because they decided they just wanted to be good enough to compete.  It was enough just to enter and run the course.  That was the win.  Completing the race.

It’s like being a woman in today’s world.  With all the traditional things we are expected, and love to do, we also face the challenges of a new economy and new technology and internet stuff being released at a rate that is dizzying to the extreme.  

The technology is exciting because, if you can learn to master it, you can enter and compete with others, carving out your own profitable niche and still be able to do the traditional things you love.

And what does it take to enter this new technology and learn how to use it so that you can compete in todays world?

Well, that’s what Web Guru Girls is about.  It’s recognition that we’re a little different than men when it comes to the internet, but in a good way.

It’s about learning what this stuff is, what works and what doesn’t, and how to use technology efficiently.  

We know.  We’ve been there and continue to be there and to learn and use new technology every day to produce stellar results for our own projects and for our clients.  

We know what works and what’s a time sucking waste of money and effort.  Laura and I have spent a lot of money and time getting to this point and and we want to share this knowledge with you.

As I walked along the Gulf and thought about these things, I glanced down and saw a perfect, hot pink shell lying in the sand in front of me.

As I picked it up I thought to myself – Pink.   Web Guru Girl Pink Pink.  


We invite you to wear  pink too.


Web Guru Girls
Internet marketing mavens,
wifes, mothers, teachers.

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We went to Miami last week for Winter Music Conference.  I spoke on a panel and we helped with an event for www.faderpro.com and their new course Remix It Like A Record.  This was in conjunction with SAE.  Lots of fun.  The video is from the events..

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Google Auction Process

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1.  Why is a man with gray hair distinguished, a woman with gray hair is an old hag?
2.  Why is my husband fascinated with boxing...hmmm men beating up men??
3.  Why it is my problem when the Internet goes down and my children can't log into their games?
4.  Fish is good for you, but I still can't enjoy it no matter how much I try.  Doesn't seem fair, does it?
5.  Chocolate despite being my favorite food is still not good for me.
6.  Why hasn't anyone noticed that 1984 has arrived?
7.  If drugs are bad for you--and they are, why are pharmaceutical companies
    pushing their drugs on TV?  Don't they think we notice them talking about the side effects despite
    the pictures of rolling hills and soothing sounds?
8.  Viagra.  I don't get it.  Of course a man should go to a hospital if he has an erection for
    more than four hours. My question is what does he do for three hours and forty five minutes
    while's he's waiting to decide if he needs medical intervention?  On second thought,
    maybe I don't really want to know.
9.  Time--it moves too quick now and seemed like forever when I was growing up.  Why?
10. Why does my son thinks he's up to driving a car when he misses the garbage can?  Sure, that
    qualifies him to navigate a three thousand pound weapon.
11. I can see perfectly, it's just that the books seem to be written differently today.  Why should I
    need to move them accross the room so I can read them clearly?
12. Why is it that even though I've run many companies, owned a computer since the 1980's and been
    on the Internet since 1996--hell, I started a company that developed software for DJ's in 1999
    which is now an industry standard, I still find  my 17 year old son can still help me with my
    computers?  Shouldn't I know more than him?
13. When I was growing up I used to ask my parents about "the olden days."  I swore I wouldn't call my
    growing up "the olden days."  I rethought my position when my kids looked at my vinyl record
    collection and asked what they were.  Shhesh.
14. I don't understand how I lived without these things:  a fax machine, a cell phone, e-mail,
    the Internet, my iPhone, cable TV, and a DVR.  In each case within 24 hours of attaining one,
    I couldn't live without them.
15. No matter how tech savvy I am, I'm never going to embrace "texting."  Who has fingers
    small enough?  The cat?
16. I've upgraded my computer, my software, my eye wear, my lifestyle, my home and my car.
   Why can't I upgrade my husband?  Oh wait, I did.  His name is Steve.
17.  What happens to all the socks I buy?  My boys use mine when they can't find
   theirs. I'm considering buying only pink socks to see if that solves the problem.
18.  Forks.  Where do they go?  In my house there seems to be an evil gremlin that
   steals them.
19. Why can my son get up at the crack of dawn when he's going on a field trip and
   can't get up when it's time for school?
20.  Why is it that it takes nine people to do what I do in a day?
21.  Why is it that it costs at least dollar more than it would cost in the first place
   to do it right to then fix a "shortcut"?  Not to mention about twice the time.
22.  When running late, why are all the people in front of you on the road going
    slower than construction equipment?
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