Exposing internet marketing fairies

Who are the Internet marketing fairies? These are the "guru" guys who try to sell you the latest system to become rich online. You know the type--they are out there promising you that you can make tens of thousand of dollars a month with little effort. Ask them if they've done it before, and they can't prove it or they have a home made video of their uncle as a testimonial.

Web Guru Girls are real experts with proven statistics. After years of resisting sharing their secrets and methodologies, they have decided to share them with you.

Casting the Internet Marketing Fairy

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The Web Guru Girls Story

Yes, the Guru Girls have a story.  Once upon a time there was a girl named Laura who founded a internet company called PCDJ.com.

Original PCDJ Mixing System

Original PCDJ Mixing System

PCDJ was a duel MP3 player for DJ’s and had great success with millions of downloads.  She got to tour the world and work with famous people like Ice T and Nile Rodgers (Madonna, David Bowie, etc.)

Sometime in 2002, Laura started a marketing company that did primarily e-mail marketing.  By the end of 2002, she was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, had been interviewed on NPR, CNN, CNNfN and spoken in front of the Federal Trade Commission.

In 2004, she took that company public and left in 2006.

Laura Betterly with Ice T

Laura Betterly with Ice T

In 2007, she started another marketing company, a boutique agency certified by Google in pay per click and working on some very interesting projects.

Unfortunately, she got critically ill and had to have three major surgeries in order survive.  After that, with a new lease on life, she re prioritized her life.  She is grateful to be alive and to have her friends and family, but had a yearning need to do something new, that would help more people than just her handful of clients.

Meanwhile, fellow guru girl Linda had been marketing all over the internet herself.  They met through a mutual friend and became fast friends.

Web Guru Girl founders Laura Betterly and Linda Ferguson

Web Guru Girl founders Linda Ferguson and Laura Betterly.

As time went on it became apparent that they both had things to share and had a mutual purpose to help others in their marketing efforts.  Both of them have managed companies and their households, so their perspective is multi-faceted.

The result is Web Guru Girls, a site that teaches serious internet marketing basics, but with a fun spin.  Each brings years of experience and a different perspective to the table.

This is more of a female perspective and their site is really geared toward women but they suspect some of their followers are men.   They welcome all who need help in this arena and look forward to working with all who need them.