Exposing internet marketing fairies

Who are the Internet marketing fairies? These are the "guru" guys who try to sell you the latest system to become rich online. You know the type--they are out there promising you that you can make tens of thousand of dollars a month with little effort. Ask them if they've done it before, and they can't prove it or they have a home made video of their uncle as a testimonial.

Web Guru Girls are real experts with proven statistics. After years of resisting sharing their secrets and methodologies, they have decided to share them with you.

Casting the Internet Marketing Fairy

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The Fairies-EXPOSED

You know the type-the guy who wants your money because he has the latest breakthrough.

One of those Internet Marketing Fairies

One of those Internet Marketing Fairies

He’s supposedly making millions, but you’ve never heard of him.  He makes money by telling you you’re going to be rich.  Well, we found a few of these guys and interviewed them-costume and all. 

Learn from a team that has launched hundreds of real projects totaling tens of millions of dollars over a period of fifteen plus years–The Guru Girls.  We can actually show you these projects and demonstrate how we did it.

Web Guru Girls to the rescue!

Why Web Guru Girls?

We are not typical Internet guru’s. We are moms. We run businesses. We are not guru’s who are only interested in selling your our latest course. We have been successful marketing for ourselves and our clients for over fifteen years on the Internet. Want to learn how??

Need traffic? Want to know what’s working and what isn’t? Cut through the BS and get the straight skinny. Web Guru Girls rule and we’ll show you how the game is played!

Why Now?

Frankly, we are are doing this because we were shocked to see what was being offered out there.  Each and everything we reviewed had some valuable information, but only a piece of the picture.  We decided to do this right and give you all the information you would need.  We also wanted to help those who couldn’t afford to hire us to do the marketing for them.  Real information, real strategies and real help.  Why?  Some of you will do extremely well and refer others to us.  Others will end up hiring  us to handle your marketing campaign when you realize the time commitment to launch something properly.  Lastly, we honestly enjoy helping others in actually feel our own joy in seeing others succeed in their given path.

Take advantage of years of experience

Are you confused on who to listen to when it comes to internet marketing? There are thousands of so called “guru’s” out there promising you that you can make tens of thousand of dollars a month with little effort.

Cut through the BS and get the straight skinny. Web Guru Girls have launched thousands of projects over the years and will show you how to build your business on the internet.

You can be successful online, but the truth of the matter is there is work involved. There is no magic course or item that will make you successful on autopilot without first having the basics and putting in the time that will make it happen.

With a bit of hard work and following our proven methods, Web Guru Girls will help you succeed!

Read our story to find out why we’re doing this now.